Prof. Dr. A.K.M Salahuddin

Vice- Chancellor, Times University Bangladesh


Times University, Bangladesh is an abode of academic excellence that clinches the freedom of thinking. The University started its journey in 2013 in Faridpur with the noble mission of creating a new generation of skilled youths who will be self-reliant, forward looking and vibrant individuals with indomitable energy and self-confidence. In the university, we consistently strive to instill in our students the kind of education that leads to the creation of professional expertise. We provide the right kind of technical education and develop a balanced human resource through teaching intellectual skills and moral values. The courses and curriculum we have designed in the university reflect these intentions. All our campuses are well equipped with technology driven teaching aids, and all our scientific labs are providing excellent research opportunities both for students and the faculty members.
The exception of TUB lies in the fact that all the members of the Trustee Board are educationists, professors and entrepreneurs of education. With the advent of their leadership the university is rapidly climbing to a place that observes a unique position of international standard.

The vision of the University is to get the reputation of a world class university with a dynamic approach to enable the students to create their place in the world. With this aim the university has been advancing by leaps and bounds with the strong support with its valued group of Board of Trustees. The number of the student enrollment is envious. However TUB never compromises with the quality, professionalism and sustainability.
The realistic and quality education that TUB provides is time befitting to create skilled manpower for the competitive world. It’s a matter of hope that the nation is thriving for change and I positively wonder that people, irrespective of rich and poor are enthusiastically spending money after education now a days. This shows the beacon of the day, the enlightening future of a nation. TUB offers ample opportunities to let the poor and meritorious learners study in a congenial atmosphere.

At present a number of departments are successfully going on under the auspicious supervision of three faculties. They are, Faculty of Business Administration, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Faculty of Law, Faculty of English. The library of TUB is a home of a number of collection of books. The campus of TUB has a library rich with the books, latest journals, newspapers and research resources. The students of TUB are always playing formidable roles making themselves competitive to the present world.
The members of the Debating Club, Sports Club, Photography Club, Cultural Club IT Club not only compete in the national level but also prove their individual charisma in outstanding fields.
A good number of faculty members are the strength of TUB. They mostly acquired their higher studies from the renowned universities of home and abroad. The care and guidance of them contribute a lot to motivate the learners’ interest in education and research. The intensive care of the faculty members to the students enlivens a sound teacher-student relationship in the campus. This is how the students are also bent on involving themselves in curricular and co-curricular activities. The success of TUB underpinned by innovation, entrepreneurialism and academic excellence is driven by its students, faculty, staff and authority.
TUB is compliant to Government and UGC rules and grateful to the present education friendly Govt. We believe on the basic values of the society and the spirit of our glorious liberation war and remember with gratitude the sacrifices of our martyrs and the valiant freedom struggle of our people under the legendary leadership of our father of the nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. We want our graduates to reflect these values.We welcome your application to TUB for admission. We hope that you will find your education and career path at TUB inspiring and fulfilling. All the best for your bright success.