Begum Shakhawat Banu

Chairman (2021-Present)
Times University Bangladesh

Message from the Chairman

The moment of writing this message for our prospectus of Times University Bangladesh is indeed a matter of great pleasure and satisfaction to me. We struggled for more than three years to establish a higher educational institution in Faridpur the southern part of the country where there is no any public or private university. Welcome to Times University Bangladesh
Huge higher education seeking students from southern part of the country goes to the capital city for higher study. It is quite expensive for them too due to terrific cost of private university and living expense of megacity. Even sometimes,
they fail to get proper quality education.

In view with a great thinking Times University have been established to provide higher education with quality by lower cost for the aspiring student of southern Bangladesh including greater Faridpur, Rajbari, Kustia Barisal and Khulna Division. The Times University is fully committed and dedicated to the mentioned perspectives.

Education can not buy or education can not sell, education only can earn by learning and for which the institute provides education is very important. Only certificate can not make life worthy rather life is build by vision and leadership in all affairs of activities by quality education. TUB is established to achieve those goals for the young students to be future Leaders in career. TUB believes in provide learning of the students in real sense for them to give way of grateful life for the future.

Our slogan is “Education for development” means learning to achieve life time development in all matters.