Student must comply with all university rules and regulations such as:

  1. The university reserves the right to expel a student if S/he does not fulfill the requirements of the university or his/her behavior is disruptive.
  2. Enrolment in a course or a program creates a binding agreement to follow academic regulations and payment of fees and charges.
  3. Tuition fees must be paid in advance or by installment if it is agreed.
  4. Tuition fees are not refundable after the commencement of a course.
  5. If a course is not conducted by the university, there will be a full refund of tuition fees.
  6. All payments must be made at prescribed bank which is payable to ‘Times University Bangladesh.
  7. The university may suspend a student without notice if tuition fees are in due.
  8. The university reserves the right to change the fees & charges anytime with notice.
  9. Not a person or organization is authorized to make any representation or promises on behalf of Times University.
  10. All international students must comply with all their visa status regulations as specified by the Home Office.
  11. Times University reserves the right to change any provision or requirement at any time, even within a student’s term of enrolment. The university further reserves the right to ask the student to withdraw, for any due cause, at any time.
  12. The university reserves to add or withdraw members from its faculty and to arrange courses, programs and facilities as teaching and economic exigencies render desirable.