TUB Research Institute at a glance


The TUB Research Institute is the first institute of Times University Bangladesh (TUB), established in 2018. TUB Research Institute was established with the financial assistance of TUB. The main objectives of this institute are to conduct research in different disciplines and to train teachers, officers as well as all walks of the profession. The motive behind establishing TUB Research Institute in TUB campus was to make links between teaching, research and extension.

Office of the Director:

1. Md. Nannu Mian

    Director & Research Coordinator
    Email: nannumian.iium@gmail.com,
    Mobile: 01726-341602

2. Arifur Rahman

Deputy Director
Email: arifurrahman70@yahoo.com
Mobile: 01903-465370

3. Md. Arifur Rahman Raju

Section Officer
Email: raju.net.bd@gmail.com
Mobile: 01616-121010

Contact Info:

651-652 West Khabashpur, Faridpur Town
Faridpur, Bangladesh.
Mobile: 01726-341602, 01704-183448
tubresearch.institute@gmail.com, nannumian@timesuniversitybd.com